Drive Around The World

A gruelling 66,000km journey for a good cause

On November 1, 2003, nine volunteers started a 16-month intercontinental journey to raise awareness and funds for Parkinson's Disease research. The name of their expedition was "Drive Around The World." ExxonMobil was their sponsor and Mobil 1™ engine oil was used to protect their Land Rovers throughout the long and gruelling journey. What surprised the team was that only one oil change was needed, even after undergoing the harshest driving conditions for 66,000km!

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Enjoy outstanding performance with Mobil 1, even under extreme conditions

You may not be driving around the world anytime soon but if you did, you'd be glad to have Mobil 1 as your engine oil.

During the "Drive Around The World" journey, the expedition team endured demanding and extreme conditions. From climbing steep inclines; experiencing extreme temperatures; driving through muddy and dusty conditions, the expedition relied on their vehicles to keep them going. And what kept their vehicle going was Mobil 1.
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If you plan on going the distance, make Mobil 1 your companion

As the world's leading fully synthetic engine oil, Mobil 1 protects your engine better than conventional oil; it keeps new engines clean and restores older engines. In fact, Mobil 1 performs so well that engines show minimum wear even after running 66,000km!

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